Social Responsibility

The Source of our Diamonds is an Issue we take very Seriously

We are appalled by the violence in countries where proceeds from the sale of diamonds and other natural resources (e.g. oil, timber) are used to fund rebel activities or lead to human rights abuses.

All nations with significant involvement in the diamond trade agreed a global certification system to control the export and import of rough diamonds mined from 1st January 2003. This system is aimed at preventing criminals from introducing contraband diamonds mined in combat zones into the legitimate supply chain. Since 2003, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (-KPCS-), supported by national and international legislation, has sought to certify the legitimate origin of uncut diamonds.

Kimberley Process members account for approximately 99.8% of the global production of rough (uncut) diamonds.

We welcomed this important development and are actively supporting the system designed to safeguard our products' integrity.

Source of our Diamonds

We fully support the Kimberley Process and require all our trade suppliers of diamonds and diamond jewellery to provide us with a warranty that the diamonds comply with the Kimberley Process.

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The direct environmental impact of Signet’s operations is considered to be relatively low compared to many business sectors and to other retailers. Notwithstanding, Signet takes its environmental performance seriously and seeks opportunities to improve it. The Group has been implementing eco-efficiency initiatives to reduce energy use since 2003 and continues to assess further opportunities to minimize resource use.

Charitable Support

Signet believes it is best to give support to a small number of specific charities rather than fragment its charitable giving. In the UK, the Group primarily supports The Variety Club Children’s Charity and Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Human Rights

Signet supports the Fundamental Conventions of the International Labor Organization and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and encourages support and respect for these principles within its sphere of influence through our Supplier Code.

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